The Good Holiday is a Onetwodee Productions initiative. We are at one a community of contributors and but also a specialised destination and tourism marketing agency. We  partner with tourism organisations, destinations and private-sector brands to navigate the complex and competitive world of destination marketing and management.

We are passionate about creating and implementing strategies for tourism, and working in partnership with people and organisations to do ground-breaking work that transforms people’s lives and helps to grow the business of tourism.

Our aim is to ultimately provide destination stakeholders and tourism business owners operating, with a new set of tools that could enable you to promote your products and services more effectively online – offering much more exposure and lower cost barriers than traditional advertising media. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach.

Strategy Development and implementation

We establish an overarching communication strategy that identifies the primary medium, key narrative touch-points, channels of distribution, relevant product extensions and activations. Our commitment to our clients is to begin each project with a clear strategy that answers to a defined primary purpose and determined return on investment.

Content Creation

Strategy informs the concept. We formulate a hook upfront, a narrative mechanic that drives the message in a unique and compelling manner. Structured narrative is key to the audience’s clear understanding of that which is being communicated. Our team of dedicated professionals then craft a suite of product assets that answer to this brief.

Here are some examples of the kinds of content we create:

  • Video adverts and short narrative films
  • Podcasts
  • Still Image banks

Social Media Management

Most of your customers are now online, or if not, will be soon. What they say about you and to each other is crucial. We are expert at guiding conversations and growing communities around tourism brands.

Here are some examples of the kinds of managements we offer:

  • High quality, original and gripping daily Facebook posts
  • Interactive Social Media Competitions
  • Post promotion

Publishing Tools

PR & communications are fast evolving in today’s increasingly globalised, inter-connected world. We help you to see opportunities and to market your destination or organisation in effective, punchy ways that get your message through.

We are linked to other blogs and also have a very enticing monthly newsletter that reaches around 70 000 people.

Extra Services

  • Graphic design & branding
  • Website Development
  • Advocacy tools & fundraising