Dee Gansbaai Roadtrip

“It seems the time of swimming pools and crime novels officially arrived”, I think to myself as my sunglasses slide off the tomato that replaced my face and the most attractive man ever to pull up next to me at a traffic light, pulls up right next to me.

For weeks, I’ve been buying myself tickets for daily guilt trips to where throwing in the 2015-towel was no option just yet and I’d only call it a (holi)day when I reach our farm in Northern Limpopo a few days before Christmas. Who would’ve thought that just the right combination of air-con absence in a Cruiser, a generous helping of Cape Town heat and the most epic flirt failure in history would result in a guilt free green light for solving many a murder in not only the Bushveld but also the Overberg’s sun?

When Katarina Mancama and I visited De Hoop Collection’s Melkkamer earlier this year, the Overberg cast her magic spell that forever lures you back, as mysteriously as a giant whale that’s fragile and the smallest fynbos strong. We agreed to a return visit the first week of December and that we’d try and do at least two road trips together each year so that more places could enchant us.

When Gansbaai won Gold for Best Destination at the World Responsible Tourism Awards there was no question: My Slow Journey (Silver Winner for Best Blog at African Responsible Tourism Awards) and The Good Holiday (Gold for best blog at African Responsible Tourism Awards) had to share our country’s wonderful achievement with other South Africans and the world.

Both Katarina and I believe this first joint road trip, set in this specific destination, will set a great benchmark for showing the world what lies at the heart of Responsible Tourism.

When are you all calling it a (holi)day?

Words by Daréll Lourens

With special thanks to Gansbaai Tourism Board 



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