Bastien Gonzalez’s PEDI:MANI:CURE

MANLEY COMMUNICATIONS invited me to meet BASTIEN GONZALEZ and have the Frenchman himself treat my feet in his famous PEDI:MANI:CURE Studio – home to arguably the best pedicure in the world.  Driving…

Chobe Game Lodge

Implementing Ecotourism at Chobe Game Lodge Built in the 1970’s, Chobe Game Lodge was the first five star safari lodge of its kind in Botswana. With is impressive arches, high ceilings and…

Why AirBnb Is Great

My studio apartment in Cape Town has been listed on Airbnb for Just over a month and as so many of my friends and family have asked me to tell them more about…

Snorkeling With Seals

Milton Schorr went Seal Snorkelling with Seal Snorkelling Adventures in Hout Bay, Cape Town, and discovered a wild world beneath the sea.  Our dive began with Nathan Annandale, a tall elastic of…


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