A Grandmother's first pictures of her Grandchildren
A Grandmother’s first pictures of her Grandchildren

How often do children in rural Africa get photographed? And how many children in rural Africa actually ever see, let alone receive these images of themselves to hang on their own walls or give to their grannies?

The Good Holiday (TGH) team, prior to filming the incredible Nkwichi Eco- lodge on the Malawi lake-shore, worked with the children of Mala village – the nearest local school to the lodge. It was an adventurous walk of just over an hour one way – through one of Africa’s last true wildernesses.

When doing an extensive profile into an establishment, TGH prefers to work with the local community first. It gives us a true lens into the people that benefit from the tourism initiative first-hand and it allows us to grow our core ethos of environmental justice and activism at the same time. (you can view our work we did in Mala with the children and Earth Junkies in this album on Facebook.)

We arrived on the 1st of June 2013 – Mozambique’s National Children’s day. We wanted to do something really special, so we took individual portraits of each of the children. For most of them this was the first time they ever had a picture taken of themselves. It was an incredible feeling. Some smiled shyly, other jumped the line … but all of them heard our promise that we would make sure they receive these pictures. Printed.These are some of the individual portraits. Each picture was printed by one of our contributors Andrew Gorski in the USA and sent back to the children.

We would like to thank the wonderful Nkwichi Lodge – Lake Malawi for housing us and the Manda Wilderness Community Trust who acted as our local contact and who will also handed the pictures over to the children personally.

A special thanks to Artist Project Earth for a financial contribution that made our work possible!

To view the individual portraits click here.

Words: Daréll Lourens

A proud moment sharing a photo of herself
A proud moment sharing a photo of herself
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