From the outset this blog has committed itself to focussing exclusively on holidays, hotels and tours that offer authentic and responsible tourism. Most importantly though, it has done so not by lecturing people about how responsible they are, but by telling rich and engaging stories about what it is like to experience them. Accompanied by some wonderful photography, I know of no other travel blog, in Africa or the wider world, that does this better.

– Jeremy Smith for WTM Responsible Tourism


Darell Lourens The Good Holiday


My name is Dee and I am a South African based in Cape Town. In ‘real life’ I’m an advocacy filmmaker,  specialising in conflict resolution, human rights and strategic intergovernmental communication.  Between contracts I go on as many good holidays as I can, and afterwards share it here.

Awarded Gold and ‘Best Blog in Africa’  by the World Travel Market (WTM) at the African Responsible Tourism Awards in June 2015, this collection of hand-picked travel and lifestyle ideas truly are inspired by the very best in authentic and eco-responsible tourism.

This blog also features stories by other travellers. These guest contributions are clearly credited and the most regular contributors are listed below.

I do sometimes travel courtesy of a brand, destination or even national tourism authority. Where features are sponsored or paid for, it is disclosed and credited in full at the end of the post.

All Opinions expressed in all posts that of the writer. We maintain full editorial control at all times.

My focus for 2016 is a #366DaysOfMakingSpace Instagram project and profiling Universal Access destinations, spas, natural hot springs and holistic health retreats. (My rubber arm for food and wine remains in tact and the eternal quest to discover the best beaches will also continue.)

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Dee Lourens
Dee Lourens
Founder/ Contributor
A pioneer in the field of online tourism marketing, environmental education and activism, professional filmmaker Dee is a proud South African on a mission. Her Land Cruiser takes her to thought-provoking locations where the lives of real South Africans and the issues which face them and their environment unfold.
Louise de Waal
Louise de Waal
Louise travels extensively throughout eastern and southern Africa, discovering unique, off-the-beaten track, and meaningful tourism products. She hopes to share some of those amazing experiences with you through our blog. Life philosophy: Step out of your comfort zone and discover the magic!
Marcus & Kate Westberg
Marcus & Kate Westberg
Marcus and Kate are a writer and photographer team who work all over the world. They started Life Through A Lens together and are passionate about sustainable travel, conservation and community work. Together they travel from the heart and do what they can to spread positive stories that both uplift and inspire.
Bernhard Rohkemper
Bernhard Rohkemper
Bernhard travelled the world for 10 years working in international development, supporting innovative and sustainable businesses in Africa and beyond. He has a passion for entrepreneurs and start-ups that are determined to invest in their communities and environmental heritage.
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Neither this blog or I have any geographical boundaries or limitations. I'm very skilled at combining wanderlust, professionalism and making a home.
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