Vilanculos Beach Lodge at sunset this afternoon. Winter is a beautiful time here. #MeetMeInVilankulo ūüď∑: @thegoodholiday

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Vilankulo is a beautiful place and Vilanculos Beach Lodge is no different. From the most epic infinity pool in the entire town, to custom made garden loungers beneath palm trees, the place will steal your – and your partner’s – heart. This beautiful property was one of the very first lodges built in Vilankulo and recently underwent refurbishment under new ownership and management.

The lodge itself is situated a mere 15min from Vilankulo airport and 5min drive from central town. One can understand why the property has been resurrected once again.

A huge plus is the ample sun loungers on the private (and gigantic) pool. Few properties in the area have this kind of infinity vista over the Bazaruto Archipelago and her many islands as most are set on hills and not right on the beach.

Blue skies and sea. Our kind of day. #MeetMeInVilankulo for some serious pool and cocktail time?

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The property boasts with private villas, connected through wooden walk ways to each, while you can gaze at the indigenous garden, carefully sculpted by a local landscape architect.

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All the villas are sea facing villas, which means that the hight of your day is the sun rising over the ocean and the silhouettes of local fishermen and their traditional dhows heading out to sea.

Waking up in our luxury bungalows is a total treat. #MeetMeInVilankulo #VilanculosBeachLodge

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Angela Caratelli is a fantastic manager. She does, together with the love of her live, command quality and service,¬†inspiring¬†staff and guests to feel at home and live their slogan: “Affordable Exclusivity.”

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The restaurant menu goes out of its way to incorporate local Portugese and Mozambican culture, swirling in a zest of French cuisine. Regardless of what you order, it will make you long for more, and oder every single option on the carefully crafted menu.

Angela’s husband, Damien Caratelli, is the head chef. The man loves a kitchen as much as his wife and the entire Mozambique combined – I’m sure.

Their restaurant itself forms part of the main building, with local arts and crafts displayed on the walls and on the tables. At night, the atmosphere is mesmerising.

Beautiful space with beautiful food. #VilanculosBeachLodge #WanderlustWednesday #MeetMeInVilankulo

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The food has a sense of casual fine dining. One could at times feel as if Julia Child herself came to sunbathe here, and that everything on the menu took inspiration from French cooking. All meat and fish are sourced locally, adding to responsible tourism, sustainability and quality.

Pizza is a BIG thing at Vilanculos Beach lodge. Even though it is not wood fired, I would go as far as saying that it is some of the best pizza in Vilankulo.

Without trying to blow our own horn too much, we're convinced we have the best pizza in town. #VilanculosBeachLodge #MeetMeInVilankulo #pizza

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Regardless of your choice of meal, everything can be rounded off with exceptional coffee and daily baked treats of all shapes and sizes. (It would never be advisable to be on diet when visiting here.)

All the rooms in the villas are small, yet spacious. The linen and mattresses are of the finest quality and you can rest assured and wake revitalised for a whole new day of adventure.

Amenities are provided. Guests are encouraged to use water and electricity sparingly, as their attention to their own environmental footprint as a lodge is diligently considered.

Words and Pictures: Daréll Lourens

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