Rocherpan Nature Reserve

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I’m not quite sure what I would single out as my main reason for considering Rocherpan Nature Reserve, about 15 km north of Veldrift on South Africa’s West Coast, as one of my favourite weekend spots in the Cape.

A beach that stretches out for miles certainly plays a huge role (and we all know how much I love a beach!), but I think the entire set-up, Flaming Jo’s, Universal Access (as in actual access for wheelchairs, trust me, my father is a paraplegic and I value the difference) and perfectly designed eco- cabins pull together in making me return for many a retreat to sip wine on the stoep and wait for the flamingos to turn even pinker as the sun sets over the pan.

I really love it there.

(I’ve shared some more pictures, picnic tips and more secrets here. I hope you enjoy my video!)



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