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The Coffee Shack is a special backpackers that feels like home as soon as your step inside. Staff greet you by name and have laugh with you over a cup of tea. It’s the kind of place you can join a table without any feeling of nervousness, other guests absorb the friendly atmosphere that emanates from those who work here and see you, want to hear your story and might well end up going off on an adventure with you.

The Coffee Shack is a beautiful place, rondawels and dorms are connected by mosaic stone paths, the fire pit is encircled by a stone wall the perfect height for sitting and drinking a beer on, the long wooden tables outside comfortably seat everybody for the delicious meals and bar is covered in photos of travelers having a blast. What makes the place truly special, however, is that it overturns the unfortunate of tourist destinations being enclaves of the privileged while the local community are only brought in to do the dirty work or be an exotic spectacle. The Coffee Shack it deeply rooted in the Coffee Bay community through its commitment to employment and training, its long-term involvement with Ponta school, its scholarship programmes and its open-entity economic status.

Here are a few pictures of the area that might help to turn that rubber arm.

Words and Pictures: Daréll Lourens

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