We were all beginners at some point.

It’s the highs and lows that keep us coming back.

This is the story of how I caught my first fish.


Meruschka and I woke up long before the sun on the day we both caught our first fish: we promised the guys we wouldn’t be late and they assured us neither they or the boat would wait …

There is something to be said for speeding off into the sunrise, towards the high seas. I can totally see how Morgan and Raphael wouldn’t trade their trade for anything in the world.

You know that saying that says if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life? Well, that saying totally applies here.

Before we continue with my tale about catching my first fish, allow me to digress a little and just give you some context: I’m in Mozambique’s Inhambane province, where I kind of invited myself to go fishing with Big Blue Vilankulo – a Mozambique registered company  owned by two guys who share a huge passion for the sea, fishing and boats. Vilankulo is the gateway to the Bazaruto Archipelago, a group of six islands with some of Africa’s best beaches and underwater playgrounds.

We chose this line of work for the lifestyle. You get hooked on this way of life.

My wing woman, Merusch, had also never caught a fish. We were excited as all hell to give this offshore fishing thing a serious go.

I would say that the entire experience could be summarised in the following stages for me: you get invited (or invite yourself) on a fishing trip even though you haven’t a clue how to fish; you stand in amazement when you see the tackle box and you wonder which of the many lures they would use; you learn that rigging up bait proves to be an art of it’s own; after casting a line out there, you might be at it for hours before anything even teases the hook, let alone bites …

And then it does!

I caught some kind of a Tuna (I think). In a dress. (See below picture of girl with smudged mascara – who on earth even wears mascara to sea?!? – for reference.)

It sure is harder than it looks.

And you want to do it all over again.


After spending time in the high sea we visited the sand spits around the San Sebastian point (pictured above) with one of the most beautiful places I have ever seem. There were beaches for days. And days. I spent hours apon arrival walking across the pristine sands, marvelling at the blues of the sea  whilst the boys casted lines in one of the top rated land based fishing spots in the world, for the artificial lure and bait angler alike.

Here are some of my highlights from my Instagram feed:

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It’s an all round beautiful place, this corner of Mozambique. I’m not sure I have actually ever been to a beach like this. There is a sense of vastness and wildness here, unlike any other beach I discovered in my never ending search for the world’s best beaches

  top-rated-land-based-fishing-spots pristine-beach-san-sebastianmorgan-threading-fishing-hookfishing-in-mozambique-bazaruto fishing-bazaruto-archipelago 
 bait-fishing-hook-mozambiqueland-based-fishing-mozambiquetop-fishing-destination-mozambique-san-sebastianday-trip-fun-mozambique-vilankulotop-fishing-spots-mozambique island-day-trip-bazaruto



There is ample time to also perfect the fine art of mermaiding, above and below the water.

There are six islands to be seen, but I think Bazaruto Island and Two Mile Reef 
stand tall above the rest in experience too. Snorkelling Two Mile Reef, in what is called the Aquarium, is sheltered enough from the rest of the sea that you enjoy flat, clear waters with lots too see: lion fish, moorish idols, parrot fish, octopus, turtles …

A bit further north but worth it, the trip takes approximately 45mins on a calm day. Paradise is a coral island with lots to offer in both fish and coral variety. With this island being a bit further out the fish species have had the time to grow and flourish. Interesting fact is in the seventies singer and song writer Bob Dylon wrote the song Mozambique while residing in the hotel on the island.

 Big Blue Vilankulo provides boat storage facilities to private owners and is home to the only certified Yamaha dealership in the Inhambane province, do engine and structural repairs.


Opinions expressed are my own


Here are four bonus pictures I took with Rapheal at his man cave beach house, I think they need very little explanation …

vintage-glass-buoy man-cave-mozambique-fishing braai-firelighters-man-cave birding-vilankulo-mozambique
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