em tghEmmylou passionately curious about the relationship between people and their environment; how we interact, how we communicate, how we manage this complex ecosystem of beings on our planet, how we care. The only thing that leaves her as content as being in nature, soaking up every precious detail, is the opportunity to get ‘out there’ to learn, to transform notions creatively, to share its lessons with others, to learn from others. She committedly disseminate what she learns through her projects, hoping to inspire and mobilise a next generation of leaders who intuitively embody social and environmental consciousness in their every day. When not immersing herself in some or other conversation about conservation (be it nature, heritage, people, water) she can be found scratching around in her vegetable patch, or chasing dogs who are chasing chickens… a veritable learning process of ‘applied ecology’ right under my nose!

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