dee darell lourens

A pioneer in the field of online tourism marketing, environmental education and activism, professional filmmaker Daréll Lourens (Dee, 31) is a proud South African on a mission.  Her Land Cruiser takes her to thought-provoking locations where the lives of real South Africans and the issues which face them and their environment unfold.

Armed with a BA (Honours) in Theatre and Performance from the University of Cape Town, Dee specialises in long-format documentary, and is known for her cutting edge visual style, capable of elevating the grimmest of subject matters to a level of visual poetry.

Alongside Dylan McGarry, Emmylou Bailey and Elizabeth Fletcher, Dee is the Founder and Creative Director of the Earth Junkies Foundation, which works with children and their imagination to foster empathetic relationships with nature.  This global space employs the powerful reach of social media to inspire personal and social consciousness in young people, distilling these values through listening and empathy.  Earth Junkies gives rise to the Global Children’s Charter for the Rights of Nature: a world’s first.  The foundation has 501c3 status in the US, making Dee an international ambassador for South Africa and the environment.

Dee is also the Founder of The Good Holiday (TGH), aiming to promote ecologically conscious tourism through shared experiences, inspiring lives lived in closer harmony with the earth.

Dee is supported by the National Film and Video Foundation for her work on indigenous cultures in Limpopo, and by the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform to produce a documentary which inspires positive perspectives on the issue of land reform in South Africa.

Browse through Dee’s collection of #tuesdaytravelstories for TGH or experience her film work on her personal website.

If you feel you would like to join TGH’s community of contributors you can contact Dee for more information.