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The Good Holiday recognises the urgent need for promoting responsible tourism’s immeasurable ability to better a traveller’s experience. However, we like to place ourselves in a league of our own by celebrating the indisputable fact that ‘good holidays’ inspire people to live their life closer to nature. ‘Good holidays’ also have the unique ability to rejuvenate the body, mind and soul. Away from the pressures of daily life, the traveller is able to view the world with new eyes, entertain original thoughts and perspectives, and recognise new possibilities.

The Good Holiday puts considerable emphasis on those travel experiences that have inspired the storyteller and made an impact on his/her life. Such personal accounts give the reader something tangible to take away and think about. It gives the reader much more than just lodge and location description. It provides a sense of place. Rather than listing why the reader should travel more responsibly, such personal travel experiences motivate holidaymakers by showing them what is in it for them and why their travel can be more rewarding, as well as beneficial for the local communities and the planet – a win-win for all.

One #tuesdaytravelstory at a time, The Good Holiday shows, in a subtle way, how people can travel differently and in turn, make changes to their own daily routines and lifestyle.

Here are some basic guidelines for new The Good Holiday contributors:

  • All stories should be written purely from a first-hand travel experience that had an impact on your life for a specific reason.
  • A good length for a contribution is anything from 400-800 words with an absolute maximum of 1500 words. Less, we would like to believe, is indeed more.
  • The destination or experience you write about should tick the responsible travel, sustainable tourism, eco-tourism, or slow travel box.
  • Although the African continent features for obvious reasons prominently on The Good Holiday, your story can be placed globally.
  • Each story should be original, reflective, and thought-provoking. It should go deeper than just a superficial destination description. Your story should create a sense of place. It should give the reader food for thought and inspire change, especially in terms of adopting a more responsible travel habit or desire to live closer to nature and the earth.
  • You should be able to provide at least 10 quality images per contribution in the highest format available and let us who to credit for the pictures.
  • In an ideal world, we would prefer if you made regular contributions, i.e. once every eight weeks. However, we understand that your contribution is voluntary and that you also need to pay the bills, so we just ask that you share as much as you can, as often as you can.
  • Along with your first contribution, please provide a short biography, a recent portrait picture, and the URL of your website/Facebook page you wish to link to on your The Good Holiday profile page.
  • All The Good Holiday contributions are credited in the best way we can.

Should you be a writer, photographer, filmmaker or just an eager creative that shares our communal ethos and you would like to join our community of contributors – why not get in touch and start a conversation? We’re really excited to hear from you!