Month: May 2015

Timbavati’s White Lions

I recently visited The Global White Lion Protection Trust – a Non Profit Organisation which has spent years in establishing a protected area of nearly 5000 acres for White Lions in the heart of…

The magic of Lake Fundudzi

In the heart of traditional Venda territory, snuggled at the foot of the Luaname Mountains, just above the village of Mukumbani, lies African Ivory Route’s Fundudzi Cultural Camp. Natural forests, lakes, rivers and waterfalls…

De Hoop Nature Reserve

Why do I travel? To try and understand the world, to speak to strangers, listen and learn, find stories to tell, to find myself, to feel alive, to breath and be whole,…

Adventure Love

We love to travel and everything that goes with it. From wine to a health retreat and all the marvelous things this world has to offer in between.

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