Month: Aug 2014

Adrere Amellal, the White Mountain

It’s a random Friday evening and we have surprise visitors that are passing through on their way to Amsterdam. While my wife checks the wine, which we keep in an old wooden…

Shark Cage Diving

A Wet Thrill or Conservation Exploit?  In the summer of 1975, Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster movie ‘Jaws’ was released. I remember the film so well. It was probably the first movie I watched unsupervised…

“Moving as resting”

  In the above picture I am taking a moment from a trail run with my brother to enjoy the view on Meginticook Mountain, Maine USA. The birds haven’t even woken yet, save…

Adventure Love

We love to travel and everything that goes with it. From wine to a health retreat and all the marvelous things this world has to offer in between.

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