Month: Jan 2014

Makgabeng Plateau

The Makgabeng Plateau lies south of the Blouberg and west of the Soutpansberg, near the town of ‘My Darling’ in the North-west of Limpopo Province in South Africa. Rising 200 metres above…

“Carbon Footprints”

Is it vaguely possible for explaining “Carbon Footprints” to be fun and exciting? I doubt it. This is not exactly a fun and exciting topic, but it is possibly the most important…

Easy Riding in Vietnam

Light drizzle had accompanied us the last hour of our first day’s ride through the lush green central highlands of Vietnam. I sat behind Truong as he led my husband on I…

Adventure Love

We love to travel and everything that goes with it. From wine to a health retreat and all the marvelous things this world has to offer in between.

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